What determines the reliability of LED lamps and fixtures?

Use of quality components. It is the control of their working capacity which is an integral part of the production process. To assure our customers of the durability and reliability of lighting equipment, we test it at all stages of production. There are 4 levels of internal quality control of light sources.

Step 1 - the primary electrotechnical test of LEDs efficiency on the board; 

Stage 2 - electrotechnical control of the LEDs after soldering the driver to the board; 

Stage 3 - electrotechnical control of the lamps after the fixture is assembled;

Stage 4 - electrotechnical control of the lamps after sealing the pipe and connecting the pins.

In addition, LEDLIFE selectively control the compliance of lamps and luminaires with lighting parameters in its own photometric laboratory (3% of products from each lot is tested in terms of luminous flux, power consumption, color temperature, color rendering index, etc.). 

This multi-stage quality control system allows to keep the high level of the Ukrainian LED lighting manufacturer.