We are pleased to introduce you the improved version of LED lamp T8 PRO and a new product in the range -  LED lamp T8 ULTRA. By increasing the number of LEDs in one and a half times, we have significantly reduced the burden on them and increased their lifespan. Our R&D Department achieved an increase of the efficiency of lamps up to 140 Lm/W without increasing the power of light source. Using the new ripple filter have reduced the level of luminous flux pulsations to optimum ≤10% in all lamps.

Special development -  LED lamp T8 ULTRA spends a record low amount of power (4,9 W), showing maximum values of efficiency (165 Lm/W). Hight technical indicators and the absence of luminous flux pulsations making  T8 ULTRA the optimal light source for offices, supermarkets, shopping malls lighting. 

The start of sales of upgrated T8 PRO and T8 ULTRA LED lamp is on February 1st, 2017.