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Architectural Lighting

LEDLIFE обладает достаточным опытом,   знаниями и имеет множество успешно реализованных проектов в области архитектурного освещения.

Architectural lighting - is an important part of urban culture. Like the right make-up on the well-groomed face it can emphasize the dignity of any building or architectural object, but can also highlight all of its defects. Competent lighting project and engineering solution is the key to success in such a delicate matter as architectural lighting. 

With the help of architectural lighting it is possible no enhance the beauty, elegance, style of any house, sample of architecture, shopping mall, park or any other object.

Architectural lighting can attract tourists as well as being a good, respectable design decision in attracting potential customer in case it’s a commercial facility.

Using high-quality equipment of world-class brands each year introducing their latest technologies and developments, our experts are ready to do any work on lighting of the facades, roofs, shop windows, signs, entrances, windows, drives to the buildings, decorative molding, architectural monuments of any complexity, on a surface of any shape made of all available materials. We are ready to go and make a full scope of work from design to delivery of the equipment and its installation.

Working with a quality product, we can not only emphasize the architectural forms and the dignity of the building but also guarantee long-lasting performance and maximum reduction of energy costs with the supplied equipment.

Working with the customer, we are following a single rule: "Architectural lighting is a face, an outside display of any object. At night we can realize, revitalize and transform any architectural solutions that may not be so attractive in the daylight".

- аrchitectural lighting SPIRIT LINE monochrome, color, RGB 300mm, 600mm, 1200mm