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Electrical installation

Wiring is a work for installation and adjustment of electrical and lightning equipment. The whole complex of that works is conducting according to the individual electrical installation plan, that takes into account the features of the building, room or area where LED lightning equipment would be installed. It should be noted, that electrical works are holding only by specialists, who have the relevant knowledge, experience and authorization for such activities. 

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We do lightning systems refitment for industrial and office space. We actualize complete solutions in electric power up to 10K W. Put into effect the installation of architectural lightning of buildings and structures. 


Services we provide: 


- installation and commissioning of emergency power system facilities;
- manufacturing, installation, commissioning of lightning systems for industrial facilities;
- mounting and installation of outdoor lightning at industrial facilities and housing facilities;
- mounting and installation of technological equipment;
- cable routs and computer network installing;
- commissioning of dynamic lightning systems;
- warranty and after-sales service of the lightning equipment;
- installation works for specialized lightning systems for livestock and poultry. 

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