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Lighting design

Lightning design is the design area, that is responsible for the lighting of buildings, structures or selected zones. The lightning is designed considering aesthetic reasons, functional features, optimal electricity using, compliance. 

It`s easy to guess that lightning design is born at the junction of such areas as architecture, design, electricity. Creative idea and engineering project are equally important. 

We are working with lightning designer Vera Chernets. She is a member of International Association (IES), a specialist in a lightning technology and design, an assistant professor at O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv, Candidate of Engineering Science. 

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The lightning project represents a reasoned solution for the lightning equipment selection and placement. Lightning design takes a few steps. First of all, designer determine the general conception of lightning. During the development we undertake the visual inspection of object, concept analysis, detailed project drawings study. Then 3D model of building is constructed with selected lightning facilities. 

Further calculations are taking in DIALUX program. It shows the compliance to accepted technical solution. Thus, all design decisions are supported by the calculated illuminance values as well as 3D visualization of the object with realistic light spreading. We give a customer full lightning report with fixtures placement, qualitative and quantitative calculations, future facility visualization.

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Visualization of the concept of lighting design
The lighting design in Dialux program
Specification of lighting equipment

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