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Manufacturer's Warranty

  1. Manufacturer guarantees smooth operation of the product within the period specified in the passport.
  2. After-sales service is a free elimination of the product defect having arisen through the manufacturer’s fault. It is carried out, if the fact of violation of the rules established by the manufacturer is not revealed. Free warranty repairs are carried out only if the product is found to be defective due to the manufacturing fault.
  3. Manufacturer may refuse to carry through the warranty obligations in the following cases:

3.1. safety signs, markings (bar code) are damaged.

3.2. serial numbers on the product or its labeling does not correspond to the information marked in the data sheet.

3.3. an attempt of self-repairing the goods out of the service center is determined.

3.4. Defects are caused by using the goods other than as intended and/or under the unacceptable conditions (specified in the product manual).

3.5. The product is damaged or out of order due to the violation of rules of transportation, storage, installation.

3.6. The product is damaged due to natural disasters, fires, floods, earthquakes and other situations beyond the control of the manufacturer.

3.7. The product has a discernable mechanical, chemical and/or electrical damage having resulted from any action of the buyer or third parties.

3.8. The product has a damage caused by foreign particles, substances, liquids, insects or animals having got inside.

3.9. The product was used under the conditions that do not meet technical standards in Ukraine (the ones mentioned in the manual) (voltage and frequency range).

4. Warranty repair of the product during the warranty period is carried out basing on the damage claim, which form can be received from the service manager or downloaded here (damage claim form). In the damage claim you should specify the full name, address and telephone number of the claim sender. The filled claim can be sent either by e-mail: service@ledlife.com.ua or fax +380(57) 765-000-2

5. Usual response time is 2 (two) business days from the date of claim receipt by the service manager.

6. After processing of the claim representative of the service center negotiates the terms of repair with the customer.

7. Pls send the lights to the following address: Kharkiv, Branch number 37 (st Klochkovsky, 244.), Recipient: OOO "Ledlayf" 050-400-70-17. Payment of your shipment - due to the company LEDLIFE.

8. Warranty repair is carried out only after the examination to detect manufacturing defects is executed by the Service center of the manufacturer.

9. In case of the manufacturing defect warranty repair is carried out in a period not exceeding 14 calendar days from receipt of the product by the manufacturer's Service center or within the time agreed by the parties.